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Altogether, forty-eight cards had been attached to the blackboard.

There was one less yellow card than there were students in our class. This seemed like it was probably going to be significant.

“To start things out, I’ll explain the purpose of these ten white cards. The lot of you’ll have to talk things out with one another and decide on ten events that you’d like to do, which you will write down on these cards.”

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As soon as she said this, Ike let show a somewhat difficult expression.

Having noticed how he was struggling to avoid interrupting her explanation, Chabashira spoke up again, her words laced with amusement.

“If there’s something on your mind, why don’t you speak up?”

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“N-no, it’s just… don’t you get angry at us when we interrupt you while you’re still talking?”

Ike was obviously feeling distraught over this.

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“Either way, I just can’t get ahold of myself unless you get this nonsense off your chest.”

In the past, Chabashira would pretty much only take questions at the end, but this time, it seemed like she was fine with hearing him out halfway through.

Many of our classmates turned their attention toward him.

Although he was puzzled with her change in attitude, Ike proceeded to voice his doubts.

“Then, uhm… uhh… What did you mean by events, exactly?”