Hunan online earning platform

Hunan online earning platform

Team One also practiced with customized games.

Ten minutes had passed.

Half an hour had passed.

Fifty minutes had passed...

Zhang Yuan looked at his watch, wanting to enter into the private room to ask what was going on. Could some bug appear in this match and stop it? Why else would it take so long?

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The room of the private room opened and out walked Huang Wang.

“How was it?” Zhang Yuan asked hurriedly.

Huang Wang slapped his chest. “It’s done! It would definitely be long enough this time!”

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He lowered his voice and said, “Every time we gained an advantage, we would definitely give in on something so that both sides would return onto the starting point and continue to fight.

Unfortunately, they made a serious mistake in the last bout. We accidentally gave them a 0 – 5. We could not continue on with the pretense anymore and flattened them.” Zhang Yuan blinked in confusion. It sounded very reliable but felt something somewhere was wrong...

The door to the private room of the H4 club opened, and three team members rushed towards the restroom. The other two players leaned weakly onto the computer chair as if they were hollowed out.

On the other hand, Huang Wang and his team were still alive and kicking, showing their physical advantage.