Taobao's part-time earnings and is reliable?

Taobao's part-time earnings and is reliable?

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The commission for this month was all on this small piece of paper after all!


Meng Chang was just about to leave when Pei Qian stopped him.

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“Boss Pei, is there anything else?” Meng Chang was a little apprehensive. He wondered if Boss Pei had changed his mind.

Pei Qian’s expression was serious. “I suddenly thought of something. It would take a lot of work to research three departments and come up with a plan. How did you complete it in such a short time?”

“Did you work over the weekend?”

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Meng Chang did not know what Boss Pei meant, but he had long heard that Boss Pei did not like employees to work overtime. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, he shook his head. “No.”

“Boss Pei, I completed the research on Friday.”

“I knew that the experience shop would definitely become popular just by looking at its location. Thus, I took a look and left without wasting any time. As for the snack street, I also deduced that it would become popular through some clues.”

“That’s why the research was completed very quickly. I also quickly came up with a design, so I didn’t work overtime.”

Strictly speaking, Meng Chang worked overtime during the weekend. After all, it would take some time to even think of such a rubbish plan. What’s more, it was not easy to make the poster look so ugly.

However, the agreement between Meng Chang and Boss Pei did not include any company benefits or overtime pay. There was only a basic salary and commission.

Meng Chang did not think so much when he signed it. He felt that the commission of 100,000 yuan per month was enough. Why would he need that bit of company benefits and overtime pay?

Of course, if he had known the specific content of Tengda’s company benefits, Meng Chang would have preferred to reduce the commission to let Boss Pei add the benefits...