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How can I make money in addition to the store?

We couldn't interject strongly here, so all we could do was slightly agree with him.

"O-oi. Ayanokouji look at this, there's a baldie here!".

Yamauchi, who had been attempting to lighten the mood up by changing the subject, suddenly said that while shrugging his shoulders. He did say there was someone bald here, but as soon as I thought that I was convinced of it. In this cute shop, an incongruous giant of man was looking at a shelf stacked with goods with his back faced towards us.

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It was Katsuragi of Class A. He was wandering through the shop with a sharp and angry expression.

"Think he's here to shoplift?".

Whatever happens, I doubt he'll do something like that. But without thinking, I ended up hiding myself along with Ike and the others to watch the situation. The reason I took this action was because I was also curious partly because of his appearance.

"Perhaps that's the case". If you think of it that way, perhaps you might be convinced. It seems Katsuragi is buying a present for someone as he came here after all. And it seems like he's attempting to purchase something now. It seems he's being cautious of his surroundings because he doesn't wish for others to realize this fact. Eventually, Katsuragi chose one box and then started to head for the counter. Ike and the others finally leaped out of the shadows and gathered in front of the shelf from which Katsuragi chose his present.

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It seemed to be something with the shape of a thin board stacked up one over another. Ike and the others took it into their hands and turned it around to read the product information on the back.

"This is...chocolate, right?".

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It's safe to assume it's a present Katsuragi bought with the intention of giving it to someone. It was supposed to have only been that, but Ike and the others trembled as if mesmerized by something.

"I-it can't be. That baldie already has a girlfriend?"

"Seriously? So this is the power of Class A!".

It seems from something this trivial, they were both mesmerized and jealous and those feelings were laid bare here.

"That's not really the case though. It might just be a present to a friend"

"You normally won't give a friend a present with a wrapping this cute. Would you? Would you!? You wouldn't".

"...I suppose".

Indeed it is a cute little box, the ribbon that's on the package isn't really something you would hand to a friend...

At the very least, it's not something you would hand to a member of the same sex. So going from that, it would have to be an intimate girl he's giving it to. If I think of it that way, the idea of him having a lover that was suggested to me, I would inevitably be drawn to think of that as a possibility. Ike and the others once again glance at the Katsuragi who was still advancing towards the counter, and from the shadows of the shelves, continue their information collecting.