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"For now won't you at least read the letter alone? That's also the responsibility of me who was entrusted with the letter. It might be a burden for you, but please understand".


Since Sakura did not seem at all happy about this, I decided to follow up a bit.

"There's also the possibility that it's from someone you like" I told her.

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"That possibility no longer exists......".

"Ahh, umm! That's, because I don't have anyone I like. I-I'll try reading it!".

Nodding, Sakura slightly adjusts her gaze and lowers her head, and returns towards the dormitory. She'll probably return to her room to read the letter Yamauchi had written.

"H-how did it go!? What's the feeling!? Did she seem happy!?".

Having confirmed from afar that Sakura had returned to the dormitory with the letter in hand, Yamauchi rushed over and asked me that nervously. I do understand his desire to ask various things, but if that's the case, he should've been the one to hand it over from the start.

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"She hasn't read the letter yet. Her judgement will come from now I think".

"J-judgement, don't use such a scary word. I believe it will be absolutely fine!".

"I'll ask just in case but what's your basis for that?".

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"That's, judging from her mannerisms when she's talking with me, I guess".


"How should I put it, she shyly averts her gaze. Isn't it because she's conscious of me that she can't look directly at me?".

No.....I think that's simply because Sakura is bad at dealing with people face-to-face.

"That's not all. Whenever she talks with me, after that she always sort of heavily sighs. Isn't that what you'd call a sigh of love? Doesn't that happen, thinking of someone you love and going "Haa~" and sighing. I can feel an omen like that" Yamauchi said.

I think that's probably, because she's tired after dealing with someone like Yamauchi who talks to her with high tension.....

But even something that obvious, when it comes to a person you like, one would be blinded to such things.