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“I’m not done yet, kid!”

“Tch, 【Great Demon Flicker】!”

“Endure, endure, endure!!”

And maybe he got used to the pain of my flicker, Jawara drew his chin, guarded only his vital points, and jumped into my flicker storm again, trying only not to pass out.

With just a moment of offense and defense, his face had already swollen up, but he still approached me with teeth clenched regardless.

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If he gets close again and jumps into my pocket, would he grab my sleeve or arm and throw it?

「Such an unusual fighting style...」

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『Fufufu, such manner of fighting exists as well. Remember that.』

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「Sure, if a faster, stronger guy did the same thing to me... I’d be horrified...」

It was an unknown technique, for sure.

It’s fresh, to say the least.

“Kuh, tsu, say, but ... it looks rough, it’s actually a sophisticated punch, and it resonates with the core... but...... to put it badly, your punch is, too polite!”


“If you are prepared to be hit and as long as you cover the vitals... if you grit your teeth... it’s not enough to reap lives! I can bear it!”

At that time, Jawara, who approached step by step while being engraved with my flicker, shouted.

『Fufufufu, tis too polite... that is what he says, is it not? Child.』

Tre’ainar was grinning as if looking at me.

To be honest, there were many ways to defeat Jawara.

Keeping a distance with footwork and preventing the approach. Intercepting on the right. A barrage with magic Breakthrough.