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“On the surface, that may appear to be the case. Every time Tengda achieves a breakthrough in one field, it would waste no time in entering the next. In fact, it tends to give one a sense of being ‘too impatient’.

“However, as Tengda Corporation continues to expand, perhaps we should start thinking about whether it’s really ‘biting off more than it can chew’ or not, as people say? Has Boss Pei, a man who has built an entire business empire in just two short years, really been making low-class mistakes in terms of business strategy, or does he have other considerations?

“For today’s Financial Observation segment, we have invited Professor Bai Qimiao, an expert in economics, to conduct an in-depth analysis on Tengda Corporation’s seemingly unreasonable business model and the deeper intentions within!”

Before the program officially started, a short video was played. It featured most of the achievements that Tengda Corporation had achieved so far.

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That included excellent games that had received multiple praises from the official games platform, Fish-Catching Take-Out that had actively responded to garbage sorting efforts, the old industrial zone that had been turned into the star project that was Thriller Hostel, the Tengda Life App that had contributed significantly to convenience in Jingzhou, and so on.

After that, the host began to discuss the topic of the day with Professor Bai Qimiao.

Professor Bai Qimiao had a head full of gray hair and wrinkles on his face. He spoke slowly and made the audience feel comfortable.

“Tengda Corporation is a very interesting business. I have conducted some simple research into the company as well.

“Earlier, many netizens said that Tengda’s business model seemed mix-natured and non-elite. Why? That was because one look at Tengda’s history would reveal that it started out producing games. Halfway through, it established internet cafes. Once those took off, it established a restaurant, gyms, rented apartments, and so on.

“Obviously, this is very different from how ordinary businesses conduct their affairs.

“Ordinary companies pursue deep cultivation in certain fields. Take those who have established internet cafes for example. If their internet cafes are successful, they would move on to open more branches in other cities. After that, they would look for investors who would pour money into their business and allow them to expand rapidly. Once they have chain stores across the country, they would try hard to dominate the market.

“Yet, Tengda does the exact opposite. Once it achieves some results in a certain field, it casts it aside and enters another. Its original business would be left to survive on its own and develop slowly without further fund-raising or investment efforts.

“Thus, until now, most of Tengda’s businesses—apart from its games, movies, cell phone, and the like—are still concentrated within Jingzhou City and Handong Province at the most.

“While many young companies choose to focus on super first-tier cities in particular, Tengda steers clear of them.

“Many people think that Tengda’s strategy is stupid. Why? Take their internet cafes for example. If they channel all their funds into opening more internet cafes across the country, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe would have a greater market share, and it might earn tens of times of its income. When the time comes for it to be listed, how much more could the company make?

“Yet, recently, fewer and fewer people have been echoing this thought. Why? That’s because most people have come to realize the merits of Tengda’s business model.

“We have noticed that Tengda’s various physical industries work together to support and help one another. No decision to enter a new field would be made hastily. Obviously, each decision is deliberate and well thought-through.