how to get money without a job

how to get money without a job

“The important thing is the specific design inside.”

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“First, it is a mobile game from its genre. At the same time, it supports cell phone screen projection.”

“This game is meant to be used with a set of equipment. We can’t possibly put a display screen on the equipment to sell it. That would make it difficult to sell.”

“If you make it into a mobile game, you can choose the equipment that you want to display based on your actual situation. If you feel that there’s no need to spend more money, you can use a cell phone or a tablet computer. If you want to have a better experience, you can specially buy a monitor that costs a few hundred yuan or a one or two thousand yuan television.”

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“This mobile game can be directly tied to Tengda Life App, and can be linked to the data of Deposit Fitness. It can also recommend players to purchase Fish-Catching Take-Out’s fitness meals to achieve better training effects.”

“The focus is on the specific design of the game.”

Wang Xiaobin continued, “I’ve thought about it repeatedly. I feel that most fitness games and fitness software are not doing well at the moment, so I’ve adopted a new idea.”

“At the moment, most of the fitness software that users see are fitness trainers. The fitness trainers show the users standard movements, record the number of sets done and encourage the players... This is the usual way.”

“However, I thought about it. We would definitely fade into the crowd if we were to do the same. Fitness trainers might be all handsome men and beautiful women but it was boring if they watched too much of it too. They would not be able to motivate users.”

“Therefore, my idea is to set up eight characters with different personalities in the game, four men and four women. They will also do the same actions with users, prompting users to do standard actions and count, but the difference is that their settings are not fitness trainers but someone who needs to work out.”

Everyone was stunned and confused.

Wang Xiaobin explained, “Simply put, everyone in the game will be slightly plump. For example, we can make a slightly plump and cute girl. The characters in the game will also train while players use the smart fitness drying racks to train.”

“The girl’s figure in this game would also change when the player’s exercise level reaches a certain level. She would become more and more perfect from her original figure with elephant legs and small belly. Her legs and waist would become thinner and her buttocks would become more perky.”

“The difference between these eight characters will be their appearance and character.

“In terms of appearance, we will prepare various types of fashion design for these characters. User training can unlock the fashion designs and help these characters change. Some beautiful clothes can only be worn by characters who have to work out to a certain extent.”

“That way, we can use our gaming thinking to give users a clear purpose and drive.”

“What’s more, if these characters don’t work out for a long time, their figures would gradually lose shape. However, as long as they restart their basic training, the characters would be able to recover to their previous size very quickly.”

“On top of that, our game has to be very cool.

“The enemy in the game is a round fat monster. It looks like a balloon with the appearance of a little devil. It’s rather stupid and cute. It’s very flexible, but it has a strong vitality and is difficult to destroy.”