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“Not long after I was born, my mother quit her job to take care of me full-time. No matter how busy my father was, he always made time for me as well.

“My father once spotted a good kindergarten, but it was far away from my house. The journey there or back took 45 minutes. My father could have chosen to hire a chauffeur, but he still chose to send and fetch me twice a week. He endured that for three years, all the way until I made it to elementary school.

“After work, my father would tell me bedtime stories, help me with my homework, take part in family events with me at school, and organize family meals...

“That’s why I don’t really understand when my friends say that their parents don’t have time to spend with them.

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“Could anyone be busier than the CEO of a company?”

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As the male protagonist narrated this, images began to flash across the screen.

There was a scene of the protagonist being born in a luxurious delivery room.

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The space was huge. There were a long couch and other furniture, and it looked just like a hotel suite. The senior nurse, nutritionist, and nurses were walking back and forth. The table was filled with nutritious food, making it look like a feast.

The protagonist’s father looked at his baby, smiling blissfully.

There was also a scene of the protagonist as an infant.

In a villa with a private beach and pier, several workers walked back and forth to take care of the protagonist, who was still a baby. His own mother smiled as she accompanied him.

There was a scene at the kindergarten.

The protagonist’s father drove his luxury car as the view of the prosperous city zoomed past their windows. In the high-end private kindergarten, the protagonist learned all sorts of things, including languages, mathematics, science, art, and so on.

The teacher’s classes were novel and interesting. The kids could witness eggs being incubated and hatching into chicks and caterpillars turning into butterflies.