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Online wonderful treasures to make money 6

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After that, she said something, …not as the main heroine.

Instead, she’s the usual Aguri-san, who’s my terrible friend, as she cheered me up.

“-Go do your thing, Amanocchi.”


Simple, straightforward, it’s a pretty mundane conversation.

However, …frustratingly, this gave me full power.

“…Sorry for the wait. Well, let’s start, Main-san.”

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“Oho, …let’s go, Amako.”

Finally, I sat next to the demon king for the epic finale.

<Customized Mecha>, it’s just like its name. The famous action game allows you to battle with your customized mecha.

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Everything in this game can be interchanged, body parts, leg parts, special secondary weapons, not to mention the main gun. You can assemble a stylish mecha to fight with CPUs or other players.

…This game sounds difficult when I’m just listing the major features. However, in reality, it’s a quick-paced action game for all players.

The mecha in this game’s world is just a small mechanic toy that exploded between kids. Also, the game’s plot is only about a kid that got a mecha from his parents. He started winning his way from the local competition all the way to the national level. Sometimes, he’ll fight against organizations that misuse mechas. …It’s a classical shonen manga plot.