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“Hm-mmm, how’s that? Did you two see that? I found someone who’s truly appreciating my game!”


How should I describe this emotion that’s erupting in both Uehara-kun’s and my heart? Oh, it’s like watching those light novels that sold well only because they had a good illustrator, something like that, I guess.

Honestly, I really wanted to tell Chiaki, and I don’t care whether I will destroy her will to live or not.

Your game sucks even worse than the broken vacuum cleaner in my room.

I really wanted to tell her no matter what! But then, there’s no way for Uehara-kun and me to do that. Since…that would entirely invalidate Tendou-san’s solemn and stirring effort! She is being so considerate towards Chiaki to the point that she just took all the bullets for her!

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Just as we are biting our teeth out of our sheer frustrations, Chiaki continued proudly.

“Come to think of it, while Keita and Uehara-kun did complain a lot, you two never said that it was boring. I get it now. While I certainly hate moe characters, but this is what they call tsundere, right?”

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Uehara-kun and I were biting our lips to the point that they’re about to bleed!

This…This doesn’t make any sense! Just because the creator is sensitive and talented, does that mean ordinary people like us can’t say what we wanted to!? Is this the society we’re living in!?

So, Uehara-kun and I tried our best to suppress our anger that Is about to erupt furiously.

Chiaki’s paper was blown by the wind coming from the window of the classroom, and it fell onto the floor of the entrance.

“Chiaki immediately stood up and went after the paper. But, the script beautifully slipped pass her hands, and it ended up on the hallway.