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It would have been embarrassing if Pei Qian asked for company to the washroom. Pei Qian took a moment to estimate the distance and found that both restrooms were equidistant from the square. That was to be expected. After all, restrooms would ordinarily be located by the sides and not in the middle of the square or beside the fountain.

Would visitors wash their hands at the fountain after releasing their urge to pee? It seemed very unlikely.

Pei Qian walked towards one of the restrooms. While he was at it, he checked how well they had been renovated, whether they had stayed true to the Tengda spirit or not, and whether visitors would have a good experience there or not.

As he watched Boss Pei walk away, Li Shi immediately turned to Chen Kangtuo and asked, “Why did Boss Pei decide to sell all of those things? It doesn’t seem appropriate!”

The other investors chimed in one by one. “That’s right, it would not be profitable!”

Obviously, everyone was concerned about this problem. After all, they all had a share in the income earned by the Golden Maze. Of course, the more that they earned, the better.

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No one had mentioned this earlier, mainly because Boss Pei had been present. It would not have been good to discuss this in the open because that would have made their suspicions about Boss Pei’s plans very obvious.

Yet, Boss Pei was gone now. If they didn’t talk about it then, what else would they be waiting for?

Chen Kangtuo had many questions about this. He frowned as he tried to think of a solution and figure out Boss Pei’s deeper intentions using the Tengda Spirit.

“Boss Pei was the one who thought of the Golden Maze. He must know how important the golden zone is. Everything sold there must be very rare and valuable.

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“Yet, he purposely chose common and worthless things!

“What did they all have in common...?”

Chen Kangtuo still had no idea, and he could do nothing but brainstorm. Turning to the investors, he said, “Do you think there’s anything in common between the goods that Boss Pei selected? If we can find a common characteristic, we’ll be able to move to the next step in our hypothesis.”

Everyone exchanged confused looks.

“They are all averagely priced? They’re neither expensive nor cheap?”

“They are all portable?”

“Er... they can all emit light?”