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…Seriously, how did those normies enjoy something like this?

“L-Let’s improve the mood with games, play games! Alright?”

To heat up the freezing atmosphere, Tendou-san clapped her hands and suggested us to play video games. Honestly, everyone kind of expected that the present exchange will be a mess. So, actually, we didn’t take that much damage.

We followed Tendou-san and spoke up with an enthusiastic attitude again.

First of all, Uehara-kun agreed to her.

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“Sure. Ah, come to think of it, Amano, did you end up bringing a playable board game here?”

“Yes, I did. We can play a simple card game first. Also, you can ask Chiaki about the video game part.”

I threw the topic to Chiaki, who’s sitting next to the table. She nodded and continued.

“Yes. While I can’t find any party game for 6 people, Konoha did help me look for some multiplayer games.”

After she said that, Konoha-san, who’s sitting opposite to Chiaki, nodded.

“In our student council room, I think there are a lot of board games left by past members, so I borrowed them. …From this perspective, I bet the senpais from my school didn’t work in the student council seriously…”

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Konoha-san sighed. …Hmm, I’m quite suspicious as to whether the current student council president is serious as well. I’m afraid that her personality is the weirdest. However, I guess I shouldn’t say that since I’m the only one that knows her love for hentai games, after all.

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No matter what, we listed the games brought by the Hoshinomori sisters and me out and tried them one by one.

We played Werewolf, Game of Life, and some minigame type stuff. Needless to say, the experience is enjoyable. In the end, we even split into two tables and tried out a strategy board game.

So, 3 hours went by in a flash. I…reached one conclusion from all the party games that I’ve touched on, which is honestly not that many.

(I see. In this genre, the quality of the game isn’t directly reflected by the ratings.)

This is quite a refreshing realization for a thoroughly casual player like me.