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The other projects were still under development, and there was no important news for the time being.

Pei Qian was only slightly surprised at the progress of the movie. There was not too much content in the script. It should have been completed by now if they went by it.

However, there were absolutely no signs of it being finalized anytime soon.

“Perhaps the shooting had not gone well and was therefore delayed?

“Well, it’s possible. Director Zhu Xiaoce made short films previously. It’s inevitable stepping on some pits without the experience of directing movies for the cinema.”

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Pei Qian did not care too much. He did not have a schedule to meet for making a movie. It was the same for him no matter when the movie was released as long as it was released before the settlement.

Pei Qian gave the Dream Realization Ventures more money. It was three million yuan this time.

It was nothing much compared to the twenty million yuan previously, but it was more than enough to invest in some small projects.

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What was more, Pei Qian gave it some thought. Investment should be done step-by-step, not all at one go.

The twenty-million-yuan investment was a good lesson. It was better to take their time, accumulate some failed investment experiences, and then slowly figure it out.

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Moreover, Pei Qian personally did it this time, which should set a good example for Old Ma. Otherwise, there would be endless trouble.

“I don’t know if old Ma read the plan carefully during this period and found any unreliable projects.”