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「Me too, Sven-san.」

I grasped his right hand tightly and shook his hand before the battle.

(Sven-san has honest eyes. And above all, he’s a very polite person…)

It seems like we’ll be able to have a pleasant match.

As I was thinking about that,

「You… You’ve been having a hard academy life, right?」

With my right hand still in his grip, Sven-san said something I didn’t understand.


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「Aa, my bad… When I hold the other person’s hand, I can relive what kind of life they have lived so far. It is something like a “by-product of my soul dress”.」

「S-Something like that…!?」

「Aa… For example, Gran Swordsmanship Academy was a really terrible place, right? From such a terrible environment, you did well to grow to this point, and…!?」

While speaking, Sven-san’s face suddenly turned pale and he pulled away his right hand.

「Haa haa…!?」

As he hyperventilated, large beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

「T-This is…!」

Did he perhaps… Relive my memory in the『Prison of Time』?

(If so, I feel like I have done something bad…)