Register online to make money is it true

Register online to make money is it true

“You’ve already proven your intelligence and perseverance. You are now good enough to become food for the hostel.

“If you, the smart and delicious human, are prepared to sacrifice yourself to Thriller Hostel now, just do as I say:

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“First, find a random camera.

“Second, use your account and password to enter the game. Enter this series of codes where the bloody handprint is.

“We’ve prepared a very interesting game for you...”

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There was a code made up of a string of random English alphabets and numbers at the bottom of the letter.

Qiao Liang already had a camera, but he did not use it often. At once, he dusted it off and clipped it onto his computer’s monitor, making sure that it was pointing at him.

Then, he opened Be Quiet and clicked on the bloody handprint.

There had been no response when he had clicked it before, but an input field appeared now. Qiao Liang quickly typed the code.

He had not thought about sharing the news with other gamers yet because he wanted to become Be Quiet’s first player.

His screen went black as if he had just entered a small program. There was a mirror on the screen, which reflected Qiao Liang’s own face.

The game had programmed the camera image to look as if it were a reflection in the mirror. That made Qiao Liang feel like the screen was a window, through which he was looking in the mirror.

However, the mirror looked dusty and blurry. It was frightening.

On one hand, it was because Qiao Liang’s camera was blurred to begin with. On the other hand, the game’s programmer had also increased the blurriness of the camera’s image.

There was a line of words written in blood beside the mirror: ‘Stare at the blood print on the mirror’.

There was a dotted frame on the mirror, outlining the silhouette of a face. The game seemed to be directing Qiao Liang to adjust his camera so that his face fitted within the outline.

Qiao Liang had placed his camera on top of his monitor before. He adjusted it downwards and brought himself closer to the monitor, and then the dotted frame on the mirror disappeared.

At that moment, a blood print on the mirror began to spread. Qiao Liang stared at it as it spread continuously, covering most of the mirror before it finally stopped.

After that, the blood print disappeared. The line of words written in blood changed. “Keep facing yourself in the mirror. No matter what happens, do not look away.”“Does it mean to ‘keep staring’ at myself?” Qiao Liang stared at his own face in the mirror and realized a subtle glow appeared around the place at which he was staring. The glow followed wherever his eyes looked.