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“What do you think?”

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Lin Chang was stunned for a moment. “Er... that sounds alright. The key is, can Ah Wan agree to it? She always feels that she’s not capable enough and that she was worried about being in charge of a department.”

Pei Qian smiled. “On one hand, she’ll be working with Shang Yang Games. She’s not fighting alone; the risks are controllable. On the other hand, I can reason with her and move her emotions.”

“I’ll tell Lin Wan that she has been in charge of Shang Yang Games for a long time. It’s about time she gave Ye Zhizhou and Wang Xiaobin a chance to take over. She should understand.”

Pei Qian could not help but admire himself.

This plan was perfect!

The main reason why Lin Wan refused to leave was because she felt that she was not capable enough and had many concerns. However, if she continued working with Shang Yang Games, she would be able to dispel her worries.

What’s more, Wang Xiaobin and Ye Zhizhou would not have the opportunity to be promoted if Lin Wan continues to be the person-in-charge of Shang Yang Games. She would probably understand if he persuaded Lin Wan to give the young people a chance.

More importantly, this was killing three birds with one stone for Pei Qian!

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First, Lin Wan had left. Now that Shang Yang Games had a new person-in-charge, the risk of making money had decreased. No matter how much it decreased, 1%!w(MISSING)ould still decrease.

Second, if Shenhua Games and Shang Yang Games combined to make money, it would completely cut off Lin Wan’s thoughts of returning to Tengda Corporation. She would be able to serve the Old Master and inherit the family business in peace.

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Finally, it would be even better if the game lost money! Pei Qian could not ask for more!