There is anything on the Internet to practice making money.

There is anything on the Internet to practice making money.

“Or should we come up with a better rating, ratings, and recommendation mechanism?

Meng Chang could not understand what Boss Pei’s intention was either. However, since Boss Pei’s final goal was to make this platform profitable, he should definitely give a more positive answer, right?

That was all he could think of in a hurry.

Pei Qian was disappointed.

What the hell are you talking about!

They were all suggestions for me to earn more money. What was their motive?

Forget it, forget it. It was obviously too difficult for him to ask Meng Chang this question.

He had to take it one step at a time and not rush for results. It was already very good that Meng Chang could say the first two points.

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As for the last question, he would take it as an unintentional mistake.

Meng Chang’s heart skipped a beat when he saw Boss Pei’s disappointed expression. He realized that he had said something wrong.

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However… What exactly was wrong?

What kind of answer did Boss Pei want?

Meng Chang probed, “Then, Boss Pei, what do you think we should do?”

Pei Qian sipped his tea slowly and pondered for a moment.

From the looks of the current situation, the gaming platform must be playing games from other companies. It was impossible for it not to make money.

The key question was how to make less money.

As long as he made less money, he could spend a huge amount of publicity funds, create more subsidies and activities, and create more losses through spending more money.

How should he decide on the split?

Set a low share? It might appear especially conscientious among the gaming channels and attract the pursuit of game manufacturers.