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Aguri-san and I looked at each other with solemn determination. Then, we nodded.

-After that, we made up our mind and faced the glorious battle.

“Hiya, a-a lot of people are looking at us. I’m getting embarrassed, darling.”

Aguri-san said as she’s holding the end of the piece of fries with her mouth.

“Y-Yeah. But, …it’s just something that normal couples do, anyway. We can just do it, sweetheart.”

With that, I leaned forward and got my face close to the other side of the fries.

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“Y-Yeah. We often do this alone, after all.”

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“Yeah, yeah.

We looked like a lovely couple. However, actually, the dangling piece of fries on Aguri-san’s mouth is shivering, Uehara-kun’s smiling as blood is dripping off his fist, while Tendou-san’s smile appeared in my brain. …To put it simply, this is hell.

“Hey, hey, Amako, Agu, did you notice? …Right now, the entire food court is looking at you.”

“This is getting exciting. Valentine’s Eve is surely amazing. …It would be even better if someone you guys know showed up in the mall as well.”

(She’s saying something very likely to happen again!)

How can this person just start setting up flags everywhere? Can we be sure that she’s an ascended being now?

Anyway, at this point, we can only pray that it’s over soon.

I got close to Aguri-san’s face and sheepishly bit the other side.


Even though there’s still some distance between face-to-face, I’m getting really uncomfortable from facing this composition and the shiver sent from that piece of fries. Also, not to mention that I’m freaking out from Uehara-kun’s unusual aura.

We have to end this as soon as possible. After I got a hold with my lips, I urged Aguri-san to release it. She didn’t plan for us to eat half of it like a Pocky game. It would be over as long as I caught the piece of fries. So-

“Ah, right, Amako, Agu, now that we have the chance, why don’t we play the Pocky-“