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Boss Pei was going to at least three places today. There was also a long-delayed job to deal with, which showed that he had a very full schedule.

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Thinking about it this way, the people from Fei Huang Workspace must be responsible for things like film distribution, talks with theater chains, and the like. Such trivial matters could not be the responsibility of Boss Pei, right?

Wouldn’t it be much more splendid if he were to meet the people from Fei Huang Workspace to get it done and give Boss Pei a surprise?

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Lin Chang nodded as he thought of this. “Okay, give me the contact of the person-in-charge of Fei Huang Workspace then. I’ll talk to him.”

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In the afternoon, Pei Qian boarded the car and left Fei Huang Workspace for Huanyu Tianjie. He had seen Tomorrow is Beautiful’s edits. On the whole, Pei Qian had mixed feelings.

He was happy because the film was not very well-edited. There were no special effects at all either. What’s more, the plot looked very toxic. It looked like it had the potential to fail.

Yet, Pei Qian was worried because the actors had acted very well in the film. This was especially so for the three main leads—Zhang Zuting, Lu Zhiyao, and Lin Ruyi. They had delivered excellent performances, which made Pei Qian panic.

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Lu Zhiyao had stopped acting in such an exaggerated manner; nobody would be able to tell that Lin Ruyi was a new actress; and needless to say, Zhang Zuting’s acting skills as a movie king were flawless.

Pei Qian could not tell what kind of reaction a film like that would get.

As he tried to organize his thoughts, Pei Qian arrived at Huanyu Tianjie.

“Boss Pei, do you want me to go up with you?” Little Sun asked.

After some thought, Pei Qian answered, “There’s no need. Wait for me in the car. I’ll just take a quick look and come back.”

Pei Qian had not thought much about the trip. He only wanted to check if the shared phone booth was safe. Then, he would go back towards Handong University to meet Lin Chang.

At least, that had been his plan until he arrived at the top floor of the shopping mall.