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At the same time, one of the Yatagarasu cut her right cheek.

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Our cheeks were cut like a mirror-match. A complete tie in terms of injury.

(She is overwhelmingly superior in the number of slashes, but… As expected, my “two hand grip” wins in power…)

The current exchange is testament to that.

Although there were two less slashes in number, the Yatagarasu I unleashed tore through her slashes.

In terms of the simple power of each individual slash, mine was superior.

「What tremendous power… Are you really human?」

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Idol-san whispered, while caressing the wound on her cheek.

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「Of course I’m human. I could say the same for Idol-san too, that sword speed was not human either…」

「Fufu, thank you.」

She laughed delightedly and assumed her unique stance again.

In response, I firmly assumed Seigan no Kamae.

「Then, I’ll make the move this time!」