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“This year, however, the situation is slightly different from previous years.”

“Different… How?”

Hirata asked in return, having felt a sense of danger.

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“Not a single student in your grade dropped out this year, even after the end-of-year exam. Getting this far without a single dropout has never happened before in the history of this school.”

“We’re pretty awesome when you put it like that, aren’t we?”

I thought about how we shouldn’t be getting ahead of ourselves, but Ike cut in to do just that.

If it was the usual Chabashira, she’d have probably warned him not to get too carried away.

“That’s right, and the school thinks so too. Normally, this would be something to celebrate. Even we, as faculty of the school, hope to see as many students graduate as possible. However, it needs to be said that several problems arise when things don’t turn out the way we expect them to.”

The way she spoke was strange. Hirata and Horikita both seemed to feel something out of place with her choice of words as well.

“It’s as if you’re saying you’re bothered by the fact nobody’s dropped out yet.”

“It’s not like that at all. But, sometimes things happen that go beyond my expectations.”

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Even though she was saying something she should be happy about, Chabashira’s words were heavy.

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In order to dispel that heaviness, Horikita continued to speak.

“Are you implying that there’s something wrong with us?”

The content of what Chabashira had to tell us wouldn’t change, no matter what questions Horikita might ask. She wasn’t the person making the choices here. She was just the employee who had been given the duty of relaying instructions.

“On the basis that there haven’t been any expulsions among the first-years, the school…”

Chabashira paused for a moment.

Then, she squeezed out the words that had been stuck in her throat.

“…has decided that, given the extenuating circumstances, you will be undergoing a supplementary improvised special exam starting today.”