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Meng Chang stood up and stretched. He had been busy with the publicity plan recently and was a little tired. He could finally rest and relax this weekend!

It was a pity that he did not have money and did not have any relaxing activities to choose from. He could only sleep at home, watch movies, and eat good food.

Meng Chang planned his weekend and left happily after work, taking the bus home.

April 9th, Monday...

Beijing, Vinci Media.

Vinci Media was a rather influential media entertainment company in the country. Its main business included film investment, production, publicity, television investment, distribution, artist management, and so on.

Vinci Media would also take on some publicity work for overseas films in the mainland apart from investing and distributing domestic movies.

Vinci Media was not small in scale and there were many successful publicity cases. Therefore, it had a good say in the domestic publicity problems when Fan Qi Media was working overseas.

Vice-President Lu Xiaoping heard a piece of good news on Monday.

The person-in-charge of the department in charge of the overseas movie, “Greyhound”, came to Lu Xiaoping’s office early in the morning. He said excitedly, “Boss Lu, there’s good news! The matter of ‘Mission and Choice’ has been decided. It’s going to be released on April 14th, which is this Saturday!”

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Lu Xiaoping was stunned. He even doubted the authenticity of the news. “How is that possible?”

The person-in-charge said, “I also thought that it’s impossible. That’s why I thought it was fake news when I first heard about it! However, the source of the news is very reliable. I’ve asked around and confirmed that ‘Mission and Choice’ has indeed been promoted. It’s really going to be released on April 14th. It can’t be fake!”

Lu Xiaoping revealed an exaggerated expression. He was shocked and elated!

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Greyhound was a standard Hollywood blockbuster with an investment of 200 million US dollars. It was known as the ‘biggest sci-fi blockbuster in Hollywood this year’.

From the production team’s perspective, there were famous directors and superstars joining even though there were a lot of restrictions to this statement and there was a certain amount of exaggeration. It could only be said to be a gathering of stars. Even the special effects production team was top-notch in the industry.

This film was shot in the Hawaiian waters. Many destroyers, battleships, and aircraft carriers were shot in real life. It even used the real material of the United States President’s speech to the navy.

All in all, this movie was of high quality from all aspects. Naturally, the producers had high hopes for it.

On the other hand, Vinci Media had taken a liking to this point. That was why they had signed on for the publicity of the Greyhound a long time ago, hoping to make a huge profit from this movie!