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Yet, now, not only were there long lines of people waiting to enter, but there had also been a news report on the phone booth!

All of a sudden, Pei Qian felt like he did not know the world at all...

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At that moment, the door to the shared phone booth opened. The couple inside left and took their paper cups and microphone covers with them. The couple behind them entered without wasting any time.

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During that split second, Pei Qian looked in the phone booth to see what there was.

A drinks machine, jukeboxes, capsule machines... many entertaining activities were lined up inside!

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Pei Qian could clearly remember that there had only been a phone and a water dispenser when he had visited the last time...

People could have soft drinks, play with the capsule machine, sing, and show off the fact that they had visited the phone booth. It was no wonder that they did not want to come out once they went inside!

Obviously, visitors had to pay extra to use the drink machines and capsule machines. Adding this to their total revenue...

What’s more, this was only one shared phone booth.

As if he had just realized something, Pei Qian quickly walked to the elevator and left.

The phone booth in Huanyu Tianjie was hopeless. Not only had it become popular among customers, but it had also saved someone’s life before. There had even been a news report about it!

Pei Qian could not undo any of those now!

However, he could do other things like immediately stop Ruan Guangjian from beautifying the rest of the shared phone booths!