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“We should be on equal footing. Didn’t I already say that before?”

It was Nanase, who came a bit late.

“Equal? You have a cute face, but your words are so bitter. So this boldness is what Housen-kun likes about you?”

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After Nanase sat down at the table, all three of them had arrived.

“I see. So the group that Housen-kun was thinking of forming was the three of us. What about the fourth person?”

“That’s not necessary. The winner of this uninhabited island exam will neither be a 2nd nor a 3rd year group. It will be the three of us.”

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“Cocky, aren’t you? But, it seems to me there’s a lotta formidable upperclassmen compared to the first-years though?”

“So what? I’ll crush them all.”

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“Well, even if you’re the strongest, Housen-kun… Didn’t the 1st year agree to work together as four classes? If we’re talking about the main force in Class D, there’s no doubt the two of you will be considered as such, right?”

“That’s up to me, who’s in charge of Class D, to decide. Understand?”

“So that means you’re just going to openly send in the small fries to represent the main forces. All the other classes are gonna be mad.”

“Depends on what the main force’s criteria is. As long as we send students with high academic or physical abilities, it won’t cause too much of a dispute. Besides, problems will definitely rise if Housen-kun joins the strongest group.”