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Zhu Xiaoce was deep in thought about the script; he was startled at the sound of Lu Zhiyao’s voice and hid the document at the speed of light on the computer desktop.

Lu Zhiyao was stunned for a moment, but Zhu Xiaoce had greeted him with a smile on his face before he could react.

“Here so soon? I thought it would take another hour.” Zhu Xiaoce smiled to cover up his embarrassment and got someone to get drinks for them.

Lu Zhiyao nodded. “En, I have not even gone to the hotel yet. I’m really looking forward to the new movie so I wanted to come over to talk to you, Director Zhu; read the script so that I can figure out the character; and recite the lines or something after I return to the hotel.”

Zhu Xiaoce coughed lightly. “Erm... I thought I said that the script is not yet ready.”

Lu Zhiyao didn’t think much of it. “It’s alright. I’ll read whatever there is.”

Zhu Xiaoce was a little embarrassed and quickly used his wits. “Actually... I can’t show you the script yet.”

Lu Zhiyao was taken aback. “Huh? Why?”

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“Because this time, we are going to adopt a new shooting method. Each script will be given separately. That way you can avoid the interference caused by spoilers,” Zhu Xiaoce replied.

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Lu Zhiyao was a little surprised. “Really? That sounds pretty professional. It seems like the blockbusters in the United States are filmed this way.

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“Not bad.

“Then, Director Zhu, can you show me the script for the first scene?”

Zhu Xiaoce was a little speechless.

He felt like a school kid who lied that he had yet to finish his homework, but the teacher pushed on to say: “It’s okay if you have not finished it; show me whatever you have.”

In fact, he had yet to write a single word!

Fortunately, Director Zhu was a person who had seen the world. He was able to hold this scene.

“The matter is like this... I’ve prepared another way for you to figure out the protagonist’s psychology before reading the script,” Zhu Xiaoce said solemnly after Lu Zhiyao took a sip of his tea.

“Come, bring this with you.”