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Do you sell a computer online?

Although my heart is filled with an indescribable emotion, I grabbed his hand.

So, when we’re touring around with a tinge of embarrassment, Keita started chatting with me to switch this weird mood.

“I-It’s indeed the new year. There’s a lot of kids around here.”

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“Y-Yeah, this place is usually so empty that it makes you worry after school.”

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“Right. I only come here if I’m looking for a sold-out game. …Ah, wait.”

“Hmm? What’s wrong, Keita?”

Suddenly, Keita gave me a resentful look for some reason.

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Just as I’m baffled by him, Keita continued.

“< Kurikure 3 >…”

“Hmm? Eh? What’s wrong with that famous game released last year…?”

At this point, with the surrounding environment, a blurry memory resurfaced inside my heart. …Yes, I remembered it. It was at this place where I…

Keita sighed and mumbled as if he’s checking his answers with mine.

“Chiaki, …last year, there’s only a single copy of < Kurikure 3 > left here, and you bought it away…”

“Ah, …I-I remembered that.”

I quietly look away as sweat appeared on my face. Yes, …that happened back when Keita and I still treated each other as rivals. At that time, < Kurikure 3 > was sold out. I got the last copy here. I think I even bragged to Keita…