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Without even flinching, he immediately counterattacked.

I evaded the killing blow by leaping far back, creating a wide distance between us.

From Zeon’s right shoulder, thin red blood trickled down.

(The wound is shallow… But damage is still damage!)

It doesn’t change the fact that I cut Zeon with a frontal assault.

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「First strike done to begin with…!」

Confirming that, I assumed Seigan no Kamae again.

「Haa, throwing sand into my eyes. The way you swing the sword is unrefined, like a mediocre bastard…」

He gathered darkness on his right shoulder and quickly treated the wound.

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「My sword is self-taught, after all. Unrefined is its core.」

A free sword that is not bound by any type or form, this might be one of the few strengths of being self-taught.

「Well, I guess it’s slightly better than a sword bound to a form, but with that level of swordsmanship, you can’t make up for the overwhelming difference in power, ya know…?」

The moment Zeon cracked his neck, ten tentacles of darkness rose from his body.

(Is this… Dark Shadow?)

When I saw it, I immediately developed my Dark Shadow of ten darkness.