Is it true that the online chat platform makes money?

Is it true that the online chat platform makes money?

Shortly afterward, everyone finished having their grip measured, but in the end, nobody was able to beat Sudō’s first-place score.

And with that, Sudō’s group earned five additional points, for a likely total of eight. Compared to the measly one point I had earned in the same time frame, the difference was worlds apart.

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As soon as the competition came to an end, the various students began to disperse; No doubt headed from Task to Task like a flock of migratory birds.

“Then, I should get going as well.”

Since she had lost her excuse to keep me here, Hoshinomiya relented and sent me on my way.

“There are two weeks until the end of the exam. I’m prolly gonna get sent around the island a lot, so maybe we’ll meet each other again~.”

I didn’t want to see her again if at all possible. With that thought in mind, I left the Task site.

June 30th, day of settlement…

Pei Qian had a mouthful of Coca Cola. However, even the happy drink for fatties could not cheer him up.

On the third day, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s popularity exceeded his own imaginations. Chen Lei’s fans flew in from various parts of the country. They gave Chen Lei alcohol rewards as if they were insane.

Since his hopes of incurring losses were dashed, Pei Qian had no choice but to return to his own rented apartment. He kept to himself for two days.

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In these two days, Pei Qian kept thinking about one question.

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Where did he go wrong?

It felt like every time, at the crucial moment, all his work would go down the drain.

From the moment he obtained this cheating system, he had only managed to incur a loss once. What’s more, it was a mere loss of twenty thousand yuan. All he had to do was earn two million yuan to cover that loss. The plot was going in a completely opposite direction from what Pei Qian imagined.