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“Huh? Isn’t this a rare sight seeing the handsome guy get dumped?”

When Sudō tried to hold Yamauchi back, he refused to listen and instead gave a refutation.

“Sorry about this, Hirata. I’ll take him away immediately.”

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“It’s ok, it’s the truth after all.”

It wouldn’t be out of place for him to show displeasure but Hirata didn’t seem to care in the slightest.

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“Speaking of which… have you heard anything about Ichinose-san?”

Out of the blue, a topic regarding Class B came from Horikita.

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“Recently, I’ve been hearing slander directed at her.”

“Isn’t it just a lie by someone jealous of her popularity? Or maybe the strategy of someone who wants to knock down Class B? What do the slanders say?”

“…It’s something I’m hesitant to put to words.”

Saying that, she retrieved a note from under her desk rather than speak about it in detail.

She wrote something down on it and then showed me.

‘A history of violence’.

‘Engaged in compensated dating’.

‘Engaged in theft and robbery’.