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“You noticed that there were really hard problems along with easy ones, right?”

“Well, yea. Those were the last problems of each section. I didn’t understand those questions at all.”

“When I looked into it after, those were problems that second-years and third-years were learning. In other words, they don’t expect first-years to be able to solve those problems. Isn’t it useless to throw in those kind of unsolvable problems? They’re probably there for a reason other than to actually test us. If the problems on the mock exam were the exact same as previous mock exams, what would happen?”

“…If I saw those problems, I would be able to ace the test.”

The same thing is applicable to the midterm.

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Soon after, I got a message from the third-year senpai with an attachment. It was the old tests.

First, I checked the mock test. The key question is, are the last three problems the same?

Kushida also tried to look at my phone.

“Are they? Are they the same?”

“It’s completely identical. The problems, sentences, and all the words are the same.”

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“That’s amazing! If we showed this to everyone, it would be an easy success! Don’t show it to only Sudou-kun, but everyone else too!”

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“No, we won’t show it to Sudou, Ike, and Yamauchi yet.”

“W-why? You went as far as to use so many points.”