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She reservedly raised her hand as though she doesn't recall anything.

Haruka also raised her hand like Airi did. One wouldn't normally think they're being tailed. All the more so because none of it is conspicuous.

"Maybe we just haven't realized it like Keisei and someone might actually be tailing us".

"Ehh~ That's what you'd call a stalker, right? Creepy".

Naturally, having a boy target a girl like this would lead to various problems. In this case, Ryuuen may be making use of girls if he wants to perfect his strategy.

"Being tailed, huh? That may be the case...".

Hearing that, Akito covered his mouth with his hand and said as though he had remembered something.

"The time I finish with my club activities and meet with you guys is often late, right?".

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"Yeah. Usually around after 6 or 7?".

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"I've been feeling there were more Class C students around that would be normal. The other day when we met up at Keyaki Mall, Komiya was there. He's here now too".

Akito is the sharp one in our group, he's got excellent observation skills.

Haruka tried to look around but Akito stopped her.

"Stop it. We don't know what they're after, it's better not to react".