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The current roundhouse kick was several times more powerful than I expected.

(I messed up. In this state, I can’t control my power well, after all.)

I’ll treat Lilim-senpai’s injury secretly later.

In this way, I rendered Ferris-senpai and Lilim-senpai unconscious within a few seconds.

「Now, finally it’s one vs one.」

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I faced the last one, Sie Arcstria.

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「Allen-kun, you’re a good actor, after all. I never thought you’d be hiding that much power.」

「Ahaha, I didn’t particularly try to hide it. I just didn’t find the right time to use it.」

「Hmm, I doubt that.」the president said.

(Yoshi, it’s about time to finish this…)

Quite a while has passed since this crazy event began.

To be honest… I’ve been worried about Ria for a while now.

(I can’t tell this to Ria directly, but she is a bit of a scatterbrain.)

She boasts overwhelming strength in direct swordsmanship matches, but she is very weak to attacks from blind spots and surprise attacks.

(There is a chance it might happen.)

I’d better hurry back to her.

I decided so, and held the Black Sword in front of my navel, assuming Seigan no Kamae.