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「Really!? That’s good, I thought so too! Then I’ll take it!」

The president, with a flower-like smile blooming on her face, ran to the cash register with the young leaf pattern one-piece.

(Fuu… This was the most difficult thing today, but I managed to get through it…)

As I thanked Paula-san in my heart, I exhaled a sigh of relief.

Then I was taken by the president and walked around various shops.

(Food shops, general stores, jewelry shops, handicraft shops… I guess we also went to an antique dealer…)

A store that I would never stop by if I was alone, products that I had never seen, it was exciting and fun today, coming into contact with many unknowns.

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And the president was smiling happily all the time, thus I can say that today was a good day.

「Aah… The sun is going to set soon.」


The time is already seven o’clock at night.

The president and I were walking down Oriana Street side by side.