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Water Moon Share the latest money on the Internet

(But, with that damage, even if I ignore him a little, he wouldn’t get far…)

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The safety of Tenshi-sama and everyone else is the top priority now.

Thus, after splendidly defeating the demon, Zerey Grazario, I started to move to lift the『curse』 cast on everyone.

『–Oi, shitty brat. Go deliver the final blow right away! Even if it was a small fry, it’s still a『Demon』. It’s vitality cannot be compared to humans. If you dally around here, he’ll escape, you fool…』

That guy’s displeased voice echoed in my head.

「I’m sorry, but wait a minute. I can only go after Zerey after the『curse』cast on everyone is lifted.」

Some senior Holy Knights have already begun to convulse, not being able to bear the pain of the curse.

If I leave it as is, they might lose their life at any moment.

『–Who cares what happens to those scum! If that demon escapes, you will be in danger… Don’t you even get that… Aa?』

「I know. Even so… I can worry about me later. First of all, I’ll cure everyone.」

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It doesn’t take long to treat everyone.

Ten minutes should be enough.