Can I add a WeChat?

Can I add a WeChat?

The system is taking good care of me!

By taking a side job, I could earn thirty thousand yuan instantly; the system actually didn’t mind that!

Of course, Pei Qian’s actions could be said to have exploited a loophole in the system. However, from another perspective, it could be seen as the system being tolerant and closing one eye, not being too harsh on him!

Although thirty thousand yuan was not considered very much, it was a very important quick buck to make!

Pei Qian had spent money with all his might the last week and had only converted twenty thousand yuan into his personal wealth; thirty thousand yuan was still very attractive to him!

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Furthermore, with this beginning, wouldn’t Pei Qian be able to continue manipulating the system?

Could it be possible that one day he would receive an astronomical amount of remuneration?

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En… of course, as long as it was within the acceptable parameters of the system.

Pei Qian couldn’t help it but started to dream.

Leaving Shenhua View, Huang Sibo and Zhu Xiaoce went to Huang Sibo’s apartment.

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Although they had gotten a million yuan in capital, Huang Sibo still wanted to be mindful of his spending and spend judiciously. He wasn’t going to be so extravagant as to rent an office space.

In fact, he planned to set up two or three computers in his rented apartment’s living room to do the editing and publishing; he definitely could handle the initial stages like this.

When the videos gained in popularity and influencers started to review them, it wouldn’t be too late then to start thinking about office space.

“With Boss Pei’s full support, I feel that this project would definitely succeed. However… we have to decide on a script,” Zhu Xiaoce said.

Huang Sibo nodded, “En, it’s time for that.”

The two actually didn’t have any special ideas at the start. However, as they were limited by funds and they could not embark on making a blockbuster, they could only restrict themselves to short videos.

Short videos had different themes; however, they couldn’t think of anything particular that would stand out.

Finally, Huang Sibo suddenly whacked his head as he thought of something.