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The announcer’s voice – which had a hint of northern accent like that of Ferris-san and Rize-san – echoed in the schoolyard.

The voice gave off the impression that it was someone who loved to talk.

「Well, come now! Super famous special guests will be joining us in today’s ability measurement!」

When the broadcaster said so, the gazes of all the students gathered on us.

「First of all is this person – The problem child of Ice King Academy! Sid Eucliuuuuuus! Within just six months of enrolling in the academy, he was suspended from academy twice! However, it is said that his ability is one of the best among first-year!」

And when the brief introduction of Sid-san was given,

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「Well, he does have a bad vibe around him!」

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「I see. So that is the rumoured “Yankee”…」

「How scary…」

The girls took a step away from Sid-san.

(…Well, he’s a little hard to approach from a men’s point of view as well.)

It can’t really be helped.

「And the next one is someone everyone here knows! The Super Problem Child of Thousand Blade Academy – Allen Rodoreeeee! He is the enemy who defeated our academy’s onee-sama,『Prodigy』Idol Luxmaria!」

When the slightly malicious introduction of me was given,

「…Oh? Unlike the man from before, doesn’t he look a little gentle?」