How to translate information on the Internet to make money

How to translate information on the Internet to make money

“Is it okay for me to think that you are satisfied with this for the time being?”

“Yeah. Firstly, let me say that it was admirable. Honestly, I was impressed.”

“Then tell me now, is it true that ?that man? demanded that I drop out of school?”

Ms Chabashira leaned her back on the palisade and and looked up at the sky.

“…..Is there an actual basis that make you say that this story is true?”

“I know a lot more than you think about you. Don’t you think that’s enough basis? Other faculty members and teaching staff don’t know about your true abilities. But I have no doubt about them.”

Something else was in doubt. It was true that I did something that made me stand out for the entrance examination’s question, but none of the teaching staff should have known about my insider knowledge. This time, the order of things will be amusing. Ms Chabashira said she had been in contact with that man recently. As expected, this person was hiding something.

“You’ve probably heard about the famous myth of the wings of Icarus.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

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“Icarus flew away from the tower he occupied to gain freedom. But that didn’t happen because of his own power as a person. It happened because his father Daedalus designed and constructed the wings and made them fly. He didn’t fly because of his own intention or purpose. Don’t you think this is the spitting image of you right now?”

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“I don’t understand.”

“That man…….no, your father said this. Kiyotaka will choose the way and the road that, in the end, will make him drop out on his own. It means that your ending will be like Icarus’. The same Icarus who burned his wings flying too close to the sun. The same Icarus who fell into the ocean and died.”

So that’s what Icarus’ wings is about.

“So what are you going to do now?”

“You should know, Ms. Icarus will continue not to follow Daedalus’ advice.”

Despite the burned wings, Icarus will continue to fly as much as he can. Seeking freedom.