What are the online making modes?

What are the online making modes?

"You're being rather quiet. Isn't it difficult to keep playing the quiet role?".

"It's not like I'm acting or anything. I'm not used to dates, I just don't understand the lifestyle of those with topics to discuss".

Such an interaction was exchanged between us just with our gazes alone. Naturally, I just imagined Karuizawa's words like that. And when I went on forever without saying a word........

"Satou-san, isn't it just that Ayanokouji-kun doesn't know what to talk about?".

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As if to break up the silence, a single arrow released by Karuizawa flew at us. It seems almost everything I imagined earlier was accurate. Towards that, Satou showed a relaxed expression as she began the conversation.

"Hey, Ayanokouji-kun, do you happen to like idols?".

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It seems Satou had also been thinking of various topics as well as she asked me that. A soaring ball, thrown, it flew towards an easy-to-catch position.

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"Idol, I'm honestly not too familiar with those.....I don't have any I particularly like or dislike. Do you like them, Satou?".

"I quite like them myself, I do like the cool idols too but I guess the hot thing right now are those girl idol groups. Haven't you heard of them? There are about 50 of them".

"Yeah, I see them on the TV every day. The group with the striking song and dances right?".

"Yeah, yeah. I really like them, you see. They also have plenty of good songs too".


I was overwhelmed by Satou who was forcefully on the attack like that.

"I can especially recommend their debut song so try listening to it. Next time, I'll lend you the CD".

Upon answering with that, I realize I've made a mistake in the back-and-forths of our conversation. Our conversation had naturally run itself dry. If I only reply with a 'Aha!', that would be the equivalent of onesidedly having her throw me the ball. The ball I receive, must naturally be returned by none other than me.

"What kind of songs do you usually listen to?".

Once again, regardless of whether she realizes my distress or not, Satou once again threw me the ball. Towards this ball that is known as the topic of discussion being thrown at me, I'll endeavour to properly return it to her this time. So what kind of songs I usually listen to, huh? It's surprisingly simple and an easy-to-answer topic. Or I thought so. However, the song that had come to mind got stuck in my throat.