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Chiaki lowered her head somewhat embarrassingly. It almost looks like she’s a girl embarrassed with the person she loves…However, thinking about this normally, I guess this just means that she’s not used to giving in for her rival.

I beamed her a smile.

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“I’m glad to hear that.”

“Y-You’re glad about that! Keita!”

Chiaki suddenly stood up and leaned towards me. I-I don’t understand why she’s doing this. Just as I’m frozen out of my shock, she seems to have snapped out with a blush before quickly sitting down back to her original position.

“S-Sorry. Uh, I can’t help…can’t help but feel embarrassed to the top of my heart.”

“Is that a common slang between you two sisters? The “top of my heart” you just said…”

I think I’ve heard the same words from Konoha-san before if I remembered correctly. I asked Chiaki about this, but I didn’t expect her to shake her head in disbelief.

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“Eh? No, it’s not like that…Uh, Keita, Konoha had felt embarrassed to the top of her heart before?”

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“Hmm? Yeah, although I’m not sure what happened, I think it’s true.”

I ended up getting punched by Konoha-san at that time. Then, this time, the older sister slapped the desk to try and intimidate me…I really don’t know what does these two sisters’ “embarrassed to the top of their hearts” means.

During this time, Chiaki curled up her mouth for some reason.

“Oh…really? Keita, you’ve made Konoha embarrassed to the top of her heart…Oh…”

W-What’s wrong with this girl? She suddenly became pissed. If I’m reasonably reading this. It seems to be that she’s getting jealous of the scene where I made Konoha embarrassed…

“Uh, but this sister isn’t normal.”

I immediately stopped my bad habit of treating myself like a famous light novel protagonist. It’s terrible to have an overly self-conscious habit like this! That’s how otakus are! Damn you!