What method can be used to make money on a squirrel?

What method can be used to make money on a squirrel?

Still a little worried, Pei Qian added, “Remember to distribute the broadcast rights. Money is not the priority, understand?”

Chen Yufeng was stunned. “Huh? Boss Pei, what is the priority then?”

Pei Qian: “Er... friendship! Sincerity! In short, everything else other than money.”

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Chen Yufeng frowned slightly, deep in thought.

Pei Qian did not dare to make it too clear. He could only let Chen Yufeng figure it out himself.

He only hoped that Chen Yufeng would provide a friendly price to various live-stream platforms for the distribution of the broadcast rights. It would be good as long as the price was not too high and they did not earn too much money.

Chen Yufeng was filled with doubts after the meeting. He searched for Zhao Xuming’s number in his cell phone’s contact list while trying to figure out what Boss Pei meant.

What puzzled him was that Boss Pei said that money was not the priority. Friendship and sincerity were the priority.

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What was friendship and sincerity?

Every live-stream platform was a competitor, and there was no friendship between them. What friendship and sincerity could there be?

Not only would he not gain friendship, he would also be mocked by other live-stream platforms for being silly and naive if he sold the broadcasting rights cheaply.

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Thus, Boss Pei’s intention was definitely not to sell the broadcasting rights cheaply.