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How to make money online 17 years old

“So, I beg your pardon! If my panties heal Little man even a little...”

Sadiz isn’t bad at all, but is she hurt? I’m sorry.

What are you talking about, you’re not bad for anything. But, if I want it, will you show me? More, can I see more of Sadiz’s panties!?

“...... Hey, are you sure?”

“If Little man says he wants it, ‘speak out’... I will obey.”

I can’t do it. Give such an order.

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That’s kind of like a sensual novel in which a rich scum plays with a maid, and it’s a crazy, exciting... But I need healing, and probably Sadiz wants to show them too. Surely, it’s a contest of panties.

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Yes, that’s why I can’t help it, so I’m going to see it!

“Sadiz. Show me Sadiz’s panties!”

“Hey, I’m home now! What’s Earth’s condition?”

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“Earth, I’m here! Just wait, your mom will heal you soon. Hea...”

At that moment, the door of my room was briskly thrown open, and there were my father and mother whose expressions changed to a blood rage.

“...... Sa... Sadiz...”

“Nofufu– , Little man. Are you still hot? You have to be aware of the signs that your parents have returned.”

“...... th-they shouldn’t be home. “

“Ooh? Without your parents, you would have given such an order. That’s the kind of guy you are Little man- ?.”

Yeah, I was beaten...... From the face of the sexy woman until a while ago, to that devilish smile again!