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Li Shi had indeed said that Boss Pei was building a haunted house in a deserted and desolate industrial zone. At the time, they had thought that Boss Li was exaggerating. Now, they knew that he was not!

Saying that this place was deserted and desolate was an understatement! All in all, everyone was crestfallen. What’s more, it showed on their faces.

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Pei Qian noticed this and celebrated inwardly.

That’s great! That’s the expression I was hoping for! I already told you that this is a deserted place, and it won’t succeed, but none of you believed me! Do you believe me now?

Of course, only two people looked obviously displeased. Pei Qian knew he had to work harder.

He would lead the group of investors around the old industrial zone, so that they could properly survey the environment and situation. Then, they would know that only the entrance could be described as ‘quite desolate and deserted’.

The further they got, the worse the situation would become!

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I’ve told you the truth, but you refused to back off. Now, I’ll show you the truth, and see if you would finally learn your lesson.

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“Come with me, everyone. I’ll briefly show you the state of the old industrial zone and how Thriller Hostel looks like now.”

With that, Pei Qian led the group of investors further into the industrial zone.

Thirty minutes later, everyone walked out from the deepest corners of the industrial zone and then stopped outside one of the factory buildings that was being renovated for Thriller Hostel.

Two slightly older investors were already panting from all the walking. Li Shi, too, rubbed his legs as beads of sweat dripped down his face.

Pei Qian was only twenty years old. This little bit of walking was nothing to him. However, this group of investors had obviously lived a pampered life. Half an hour of walking around had caused them to feel weak.

Even then, Pei Qian was surprised that all of them could keep up and that none of them had given up and left in anger.

Still, everyone did not look very happy.

After walking around the industrial zone, they realized that they had been imagining things when they had thought the industrial zone was deserted and desolate earlier. Having seen the inner parts of the industrial zone, they finally understood how deserted and desolate the place really was!

The entrance was deserted, but at least the floor was clean. As they walked further in, they discovered piles of rubbish, vandalism on the walls, and patches of tall weeds. All of those things pointed to one single fact. The deserted entrance was the most presentable part of the entire industrial zone.