Is there a free fruit online? Is it true?

Is there a free fruit online? Is it true?

If I did that, I won’t be able to face my mother or Paula-san anymore.

(…What do I do from now on)

Although I say「What to do」, at the current state there is nothing I can do. Thus, racking my brain would just be a waste of time.

I finally arrived at the conclusion that「it’s useless no matter what I do right now」, and looked around the room without being noticed by Ria-san.

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(… it’s a surprisingly cute room)

Her room has a sense of unity with white as the base color and pink as the accent – a very girlish room.

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Since she is royalty, I thought she would bring in more chandeliers and extravagant furnishings, but I don’t see anything of the sort.

It’s a very normal – lovely girlish room.

(And it kinda… smells nice…)

It smells different from a perfume or a detergent.

Of course, it is not strong enough to choke, but a gentle and natural scent that smells sweet when you concentrate your consciousness.

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Then, as I looked around the room, I found something interesting.

(Hee… so she likes stuffed animals?)

There was a cute bear and hippo stuffed animal at the bedside.

(Fufu, so she does have a cute side)

And while I was observing her room,

「I-It’s embarrassing, so don’t stare too much… please.」

She muttered those few words while blushing.

The honorific attached at the end was probably because she is supposed to be my slave.