how to really make money online

how to really make money online

<Personal Wealth: 1,070,000>

<Settlement in progress...>

<Conversion in progress...>

<System Funds: 0 + 9,630,000 (↓10,370,000)>

<Fixed Assets: 96,630,000>

<Personal Wealth: 2,214,000 (↑1,040,000 x 110%!)(MISSING)>

<If you manage to convert more than two hundred thousand yuan at the end of this cycle, you will obtain a mysterious reward within the System’s regulations. [Redeemable]>

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<Unfinished project for this cycle: The research project in Otto Technologies’ laboratory. The product must be released into the market by the end of the next cycle.>

At that point, Pei Qian patted his chest and heaved a long sigh of relief.

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Life was filled with ups and downs, and it was terrifying!

At first, he had thought that he would only be able to get 160 thousand yuan. However, the special mission gave him 1.14 million yuan in the end.

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Pei Qian had over nine hundred thousand yuan in his Personal Wealth earlier. Ordinarily, he did not spend much either, but he could not avoid spending altogether. To take advantage of the System, he had to link his expenses with the company and then report them to the finance department. It could be a tedious process, and saving a few hundred yuan was hardly worth it.

On top of that, he received about forty to fifty thousand yuan from the sale of Ruan’s skins every month. At the moment, that sum was not increasing significantly.

That couldn’t be helped. Pei Qian himself had been cheated by GOG’s pricing model.