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It should have taken a considerable amount of time normally just to gather the information I've accquired right now.

"The only ones who would know about Nagumo's actions and his character in detail are in all likelihood, students from the same school year as him. Even though we're connected through the student council, it's not like I know everything about Nagumo either".

Normally, in order to destroy Nagumo, further information would be vitally required. What kind of character he possesses, what kind of strategy he prefers. It's necessary to grasp such things.

"And since those vital 2nd years are also under Nagumo's thumb, that also seems difficult".

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"Exactly.....however, there are students amongst the 2nd years who even now, oppose Nagumo".

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He said it as though he had an idea who they were.

"Their name is?".

"Unfortunately, I cannot tell you yet at this stage. It's because I cannot guarantee the safety of that student if their connection to me were to be discovered by Nagumo".

"They'll be branded a traitor and eliminated.....there's a possibility of them getting expelled, is what you're saying?".

"I may be able to protect them while I'm still enrolled, but once I graduate, that protection is gone".

The thing I should be wary of is why the older Horikita is telling me this.

"You intend on doing something to bring me and that 2nd year student into contact, aren't you?".

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"If you're up for it, I'd like to name you as a student from amongst the 1st years capable of taking action".

Is what he probably wants to say. As long as they won't reveal their identity, I will have no choice but to provide my name. Even though they're in opposition to Nagumo, they're still 2nd year. Taking next year into consideration, I'd like to avoid carelessly standing out.

"What action to take is up to you".

Normally, declining here would be a good idea.