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“Let us congratulate FV team for the crushing victory of 3: 0 and successfully entering the finals!”

“In a situation where the domestic teams are unanimously pessimistic, FV Team has relied on their extraordinary performance and bottomless tactical reserves to surprise us time and time again. I believe that they will be able to perform as well as they did today on the finals stage next week...”

“Please take a break and don’t leave. FV team members will be interviewed later.”

The two commentators who were broadcasting in the country were very excited. After they finished explaining FV Team’s final 3-0 score, they felt that one of the commentators was almost out of breath. They could not help but want to give him an oxygen tank.

However, this was understandable because FV team played too well!

The pressure from the snowball was too suffocating!

Previously, many people were still worried that FV team was able to achieve 3-0 in the top eight because their opponents were too lousy.

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The team in the top eight was also a Western team. While they had won in the group stages, BO3 and BO5 were two different games. Many people suspected that their opponents in the group stages might have been too weak?

However, after the semifinals, no one discussed the strength of the opponents anymore. That was because there would definitely not be any weak teams in the semifinals!

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This time, FV’s opponent had also been baptized in the top eight competitions. Even though the opponents entered the top four with a 3: 1, no one doubted their strength.

On the other hand, FV team had ended the battle with a clean 3: 0. They had not lost a single small battle until the finals. This was enough to prove that their strong dominance had begun to show!

There were already people discussing FV Team’s “champion look”.

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Pei Qian looked at the bullet screen filled with comments like a party. He looked at the unprecedentedly high popularity of the live-stream, which was at least two or three times more than the group stages. His feelings were very complicated.

Logically speaking, every e-sports enthusiast should be celebrating the fact that domestic teams in the e-sports field had won against foreign teams and entered the finals.

As an E-Sports enthusiast who unconditionally supported domestic teams, Pei Qian should also have had such a mentality.

However, Pei Qian could not feel happy at the thought that he had shares in FV Team.

FV team was in danger now. Pei Qian could foresee that even if FV team lost the finals, as long as they did not lose too badly, they could still become IOI’s number one team in the country after returning to China!

Most people thought that the runner-up was the biggest loser in eSports but there were prerequisites and context to this.