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The direction is the schoolyard – the place where the president and others are fighting.

(I have a bad feeling…)

But right now, I have to move Ria and Rose to a safer place.

Thus, I, who had won the death match with Dodriel, held the two who were unconscious in one hand each, and headed to the staff room.

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I quickly headed to the staff room, holding Ria and Rose under my arms.

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The vice-director noticed me as I walked through the ajar room.

「Oh, Allen-kun! Thank god that you are safe… Ri-Ria-san? Rose-san?!」

His eyes widened at the sight of the unconscious two.

「Don’t worry. They’re just unconscious.」

「I-I see, that’s good. But to think even you would be so deeply wounded… The enemy must have been quite formidable.」

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「Yes, it was a pretty close fight. By the way, I succeeded in destroying the barrier. How is the contact with the outside coming along?」

「Aa, that was done perfectly! The director will probably arrive in another five minutes. I’ve already contacted the Holy Knights Association, too. You’ve done really well, Allen-kun!」

「That’s reassuring.」