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He had a different muscle mass than Machio, and was obviously heavy.

If you were rushed by that, it would be pretty dangerous.

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Moreover, he’s got a good expression on his face.

A spirited look that is crackling with a desire for a clash of power vs power.

“Dosukoーーーi! Dosukoーーーi! Much obliged!!”

Hmm? What was that? That Khaldash guy was squatting and raising and lowering his legs.


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“O, oh, Amae, were you surprised? But...... what’s that?”

Involuntarily surprised, Amae was also a little scared and held on to me tightly.

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I could feel the vibrations transmitted by him stepping on the ground repeatedly with the foot raised high.

What kind of exercise was that?

『Tis Magical Shiko.』

「Magical Shiko?」