How to paste the copy to make money

How to paste the copy to make money

This was because the outside space could not be freely enjoyed by humans.

Rich people could roam around outside from 6 am to 6 pm every day, ordinary citizens from 6 pm to 12 am, and poverty-stricken people like the male protagonist from 12 am to 3 am.

From 3 am to 6 am, the outside world would undergo mass cleaning, so that the rich people could enjoy it once again from 6 am onwards.

If poverty-stricken people went out or remained outside past their allocated time slot, they would be severely punished.

Most poverty-stricken people’s body clocks were completely messed up as a result. They treasured the time slot that they were allocated to roam around outside. To them, this was the most important part of their days.

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Of course, strictly speaking, poverty-stricken people like the male protagonist were not completely jobless.

They were allowed to watch their favorite television programs and vote for them.

Depending on how long they spent watching these programs, they would be paid some fictitious money that could be used to purchase certain items. These included nice clothes, delicious food, tasty drinks or alcohol, and the like.

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Every television program would also contain a quiz. If one decided to spend their money on these quizzes and ended up winning, they could earn even more fictitious money.

Some programs would even invite ordinary or rich people, who rose out of poverty by earning money through quizzes, to share their experiences during the program.

The male protagonist was very into this. He won some and lost some, but he was quite gifted. Thus, he would win small sums from time to time and reward himself with some beer.

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One day, the male protagonist ventured outside once again.

By chance, he met the similarly poverty-stricken female protagonist. The female protagonist was not especially beautiful or charming, but she was pure and adorable. To the male protagonist, she was uniquely attractive. He began to fall in love with her.

The male protagonist struck up a conversation with her using his innate sense of humor. He defeated other competitors and won the female protagonist’s heart.

From that day onward, they would meet in their allocated three hours to eat good food or spend money on cheap forms of entertainment.

Both of them quickly developed a romantic relationship.

The male protagonist began to scrimp and save and carefully take part in quizzes, for fear that he would lose all of his hard-earned money.